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5 Crackin' Ideas for your Christmas party in Seymour

Christmas functions don't always have to be stressful. Let us help take away some of those stresses at The Prince Hotel Seymour. The Prince is the best function venue, perfect for small Christmas parties and even large functions, with a venue capacity of up to 230 people, we can cater to groups of all shapes and sizes. Waste no more time searching for the perfect location, you've stumbled across it here at The Prine Seymour. Let us take the legwork away from you, so you can enjoy the holiday spirit, eat, drink and be merry.

1. Family Feastin'

Christmas, Catering, Cleaning and Character are four words that The Prince team know how to deliver. We know that Christmas is about making memories and time in the Kitchen is time taken away from building those precious memories.

We want you to be able to experience the excitement of being together at Christmas, exchanging presents at the family gathering - without the stress of if the Christmas roast needs to be taken out of the oven - and not to mention, who is doing the dishes!

Sorry, the pets have to stay at home for this one.

2. Work Windup

Treat your staff to a 2021 Christmas company party at the Prince, for all of the incredible homework they've done this lockdown year.

Those home offices in between a part-time teaching position are getting a bit out of fashion, so gift your staff a party at the Prince.

Please remember that all guests WILL need to wear pants to this catch up, this one isn't a Zoom or FaceTime conference and we can see your whole body...

3. Band n Boogy

Make a night of it. The Prince is the place to be in Seymour on a Saturday Night, with free Live Music after 9pm, if Saturday isn't your thing, just ask our function team, we can help you book a band for your amazing private Christmas function.

Dance restrictions no longer require your best-seated moves and your favourite dancing shoes are awaiting! Get in early to secure an available date for our private function room!

4. Kris Kringle

Not Kris Jenner, Kris Kringle. We know it's been a long time sitting on the couch watching the Kardashians, but we can step out into the world and have some fun! Sort out your KK's and enjoy the freedom of a pub for your Kris Kringle Gathering!

5. Lunch Leave

No! You don't need to eat lunch at your computer, or in your backyard. YOU GET LUNCH LEAVE.

Spoil your staff to a couple of hours with us for their lunch leave, the perfect Christmas celebrating to wind up a wicked year - gift them the time they deserve for seeing out 2021 with a smile on their dial (probably some tears too).

Whether it's a table or a function space; they deserve it boss.

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